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The Parenting Guru

Your Journey Beg​ins Here

We offer a large range of courses, however only "active" courses will have a detailed description below.

Email any course related questions to: [email protected]





Potty Training Bootcamp

Extreme Behavior Bootcamp

Co-Parenting Bootcamp

One of Your Little Friends

Stranger Danger (1 & 2)

Schedules and Bounderies

Extended Co-Parents

Super Dad

Bonus Babies

Manners and Respect

Birds and Bees

Super Mom

Cruise Control

Bullies and Bullied

Good Guy, Bad Guy

Blended, not Stirred (1 & 2)

Due to current gathering r​estrictions in Maryland, all courses are virtual until further notice.


Active Courses

Potty Training Bootcamp

This two week course is designed to equip parents with the tips and tools to successfully potty train in as little as two weeks. You will learn how to properly assess your child to know when they are ready as well as how to plan and prepare for a smooth transition. Childdren as young as 12 months old can begin potty training and we will show you how!


Are you tired of constant temper tantrums? Have you experienced public humiliation because of your child's extreme meltdowns? The Extreme Behavior Bootcamp will teach you the importance of discipline and structure. We will explore different behavor types, discipline techniques and parenting skills. You will learn which technique works best for your specific family structure. By the end of this course, you will understand how to create and enforce positive discipline for all levels of behavior. 

Super Mom

You are only as good a mother, as you are a woman! This course will help you create a place of peace through balance and bounderies. Learn how to achieve absolute bliss in your home and workplace. 

Super Dad

Whether, you're a Dad, Father or Father-Figure, this course will help you become a tip top role model through effective communication and discipline skills. These tools to help you enjoy parenting and improve father/child bond. Learn new ways to constantly impress and guide your little ones. 

One of Your Little Friends

This playdate will allow parents and children to participate in a variety of mental, social-emotional and physical activities and competitions including: Paint & Sip, Dance Party, Family Game Night, Role Reversal, Zumba and more. Parents and children will enjoy working independently and as a team. 

**Due to COVID, our playdates will be held via Zoom. Once purchased, you will receive a list of activities to choose from.**

Blended, not Stirred

Establish roles and responsibilities of our Bonus family members. Learning how to accept and develop your role as the "step" parent. Also learning how to effectively communicate with your new extended co-parent. 

Co-Parent Connection

Successfully raising a child while in seperate homes can be stressful but it is definitely possible. Learn how to build a healthy bond for both co-parents and extended co-parent family structures. We will coach you through effective communication methods, written agreements and ways to peacefully resolve disagreements.