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The Parenting Guru

Welcome to Home of

The Parenting Guru

Flexible parent coaching that will guide you through the most difficult milestones of parenting!

Potty Training

You will learn the basics of effective potty training. With Ms. Dee Dee as your coach, your little one can be fully bathroom dependent in as little as two weeks!

Difficult Behavior 

Learn ways to combat temper tantrums, picky eaters, stubborn sleepers and more. This course will cover a series of proven techniques to help you stay cool when your little one gets HOT!


Healthy Co-Parenting is mandatory when raising a child in seperate homes. This course is useful for many family structures, including single parents, married couples and bonus parents. 

At this time, all courses will be held 


The Ms. Dee Dee Mission

Parenting is supposed to be a journey of purpose and joy. For families that are struggling to maintain peace and purpose, we will coach and guide you through those difficult milestones. Each course with me will teach you the shortcuts of effective parenting.  Come learn how to enjoy parenting while creating a well rounded happy child. 

- Dominique "Ms. Dee Dee" Walker